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In this article, we will be briefly discussing various fixes to troubleshoot low-quality printing issues in the Brother printers. These fixes will be applicable to almost every model of Brother printers. If you are also one of the users of Brother printer whose printer prints too light, this article is for you.

There could be various reasons for yielding low print quality of your printer. We always expected that our printer would print a clean and clear quality text or images on the paper, but sometimes you won’t get the exact result as you expected. When you start printing, you will find the printer prints light, faded, dull, and brother laser printer color problems. This condition not only hampers your work but also wasted your time. To resolve brother printer black smudges on paper quickly, you need to use some ways or methods. Here are a few techniques that will help you in resolving printing quality issues and also improve them.

My Brother printer prints too light. How to fix it? 

Sometimes your Brother printer’s print quality can be poor. Faded or light text is one of the most common problems with Brother printers. We will discuss how to improve your Brother printer’s print quality if it is printing light.

These are some solutions to light printing problems in Brother printers.

Method #1: Increase the print density

You can improve the quality of your prints by setting the printer driver to increase the print density. We have provided the steps below to help you adjust the Brother Printer’s print density according to your operating system.

These steps will allow you to adjust the print density of your printer.

How to adjust the print density on Windows

Step 1: Click “Start”. Next, search for Control Panel and click on the result.

Step 2: Choose “Devices & Printer” from the available options. All printers available will be displayed.

Step 3: Click on the Brother printer icon to open the menu and choose “Printing Preferences”.

Step 4: Click on the Advanced tab and click on “Other Print Options”.

Step 5: Click on “Density adjustment”, then click “Printer default” to uncheck it.

Step 6: Adjust the density bar to +6. Click “OK” then “Apply”.

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How to adjust the print density on Mac

Step 1: First, open the application and then click “File and print”.

Step 2: Click on “Show details” if “Printer and preset” is your only option.

Step 3: Next, choose “Print Settings”.

Step 4: To expand the options, click on the small arrow next to “Advanced”.

Step 5: Click on “Density adjustment” to uncheck “Printer default” by clicking on it.

Step 6: Adjust the density bar.

To check if your print quality has improved, print any document. If your print quality is good, the Brother printer has fixed the problem of printing very faintly.

Method #2: Turn off the toner-saving mode

If increasing the print density is not enough to produce good quality printing papers, you can try another method. You will need to disable the saver mode. These are the steps to improve the quality of your printing paper.

STEP 1: Press “Settings” on your touchscreen.

STEP 2: To change all settings, press the up-and-down symbols buttons.

STEP 3: Click “All settings.”

STEP 4: To enter the General setup, press up and down.

STEP 5: Click “General Setup”

STEP 6: To enter Ecology, press up and down.

STEP 7: Press “Ecology.”

STEP 8: Next, press “Toner Save”

STEP 9: Verify that it is located in an ON or OFF state. If it’s in ON, press OFF.

STEP 10: Press Home>>settings>>Toner>>Test Print.

After printing the pages press “Home” again.

Method #3: Only use high-quality printing paper

You may wonder, “Why is my Brother printer printing so light?”. Then you need to inspect the quality of your printing paper. Ink may not stick to paper if the quality of the paper is poor. You should ensure that you only use high-quality printer paper for your Brother printer. We believe that the choice of paper is crucial. The quality of your printing results is only half the problem. Use this type of paper to reduce the quality of your printing.

These are some tips for your paper you might want to consider

It tests the few samples before buying large quantities of paper.

  • Use neutral papers over alkaline papers.
  • Papers should weigh between 75 and 90 grams
  • Use long-grain papers only.
  • Papers with rough surfaces, wrinkled or folded edges, as well as a bond can also affect the quality of printing.
  • Do not use inkjet paper. It can damage your machine and affect the quality of your printing.

Method #4: Make sure you clean and inspect the corona wire location tab

STEP 1: To turn off the machine, press and hold the power button located on the tab.

STEP 2: Lift the handle to reveal the top cover.

STEP 3: Match the color of the cartridges to the label. Each color slot must be placed in the correct order. The first color slot should be Yellow, followed by Magenta, cyan and black.

STEP 4: Now remove the drum unit for toner cartridge assemblies.

STEP 5: Gently slide each green tab 15 times from left to right to clean the wires within the drum units. Once you have cleaned it, push the tab to the left.

STEP 6: Reinstall the drum units and cartridges. Make sure the toner cartridge color matches the label on your machine.

STEP 7: Next, cover the machine with a plastic sheet and then turn on the power button.

STEP 8: To verify the quality of your printing, print a document.

You can improve the quality of your printed documents by cleaning the corona tab inside your brother printer.

Method #5: Clean the drum roller

After cleaning the corona wire, make sure the drum is free from any toner, scratches, or other damage. Spotty or smudged prints are often caused by toner buildup.

  • To remove the toner from the drum, if the drum and toner are connected together, press down on the green or blue lever on the drum unit. To release the toner from your drum, press down on the blue or green lever on the drum unit.
  • Now, turn the drum unit over and find the white gear at the back.
  • To rotate the drum roll, move the gear by moving your thumb. Wipe away any excess toner particles with a cotton swab or cloth lint-free. The roller is sensitive to light, so avoid touching it with your fingers.

 Method #6: Modify the document type in the printer drivers

This will allow you to convert your Document Type into images or photos in your printer drivers. This could help you improve your printing quality.

STEP 1: Open your printer folder.

STEP 2: Right-click on the Brother printer drivers to access the Printing preferences.

STEP 3: Select a Photo/image from your “Document Types”.

STEP 4: Click Apply, and then OK.

STEP 5: It has four LED heads. This needs to be cleaned. Use a clean cloth, and then rub a little alcohol on it. Now clean the four LED heads using this cloth.

Method #7: Calibration to improve the color density and quality

You can improve the quality and density of your color prints by using the calibration setting. These are the steps to enable this property. Please take a look at these.

  • Toner > Press Settings
  • To display calibration, press up and down.
  • Click “Calibration”
  • To begin the process, press “Yes”.
  • You will now see the “Please Wait” message.
  • Press home when the Please Wait message has disappeared.
  • Now your brother printer machine is automatically calibrated internally.
  • Finally, you will be able to see the best color combinations when you print your papers.


These are the methods you can use to improve the quality of your brother’s printer or fix any printing problems. These methods will help you get better results with your brother’s printer problems.

You can now see that your brother printer prints high-quality color papers and quality. This is what you can use to improve the quality of your prints. If this method does not work, it could be due to poor environmental conditions. Your machine should be placed in a place that is balanced with its environment.

Your printer, like all other machines and devices, needs to be maintained and repaired periodically. You should check your printer on a monthly basis to improve its performance and extend its lifespan. If you still have Brother Printer Quality Problems despite all the above, please contact us via chat or our contact page. We will help you resolve the problem.

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