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HP Color Laserjet Pro-MFP M479 fdw

In this article, we have tried to Troubleshoot some of the common issues faced by the users of HP color Laserjet Pro-MFP M479 fdw. Previously we have provided adetailed review of HP color Laserjet Pro-MFP M479 fdw,you can also read it to know about all its features.

HP Color Laserjet Pro-MFP M479 fdw comes with so many features and functionalities that can cause you any confusion. You might be facing any of these issues that we have mentioned below. So, read all these instructions to resolve your issue.

How to set up a new HP Color Laserjet pro-MFP M479 fdw at the home /office (Tips)?

Step 1: – find a suitable space to place your printer

First, find out a place where you have enough space to place your printer. There should be enough space around your printer so that you can open all the doors and trays effortlessly. Make sure there is the absence of direct sunlight and it is a well-ventilated dust-free area. The temperature should be moderate around 59° – 86°F (15° – 30°C) and the acceptable humidity range is 30%-80%.

Step 2: – Unpack your printer carefully

Now, unpack your printer by removing the shipping tape and packaging material first followed by removing the film from the control panel.

Step 3: – Now load the tray

Pull the tray out of the printer completely. After that, squeeze the adjustment latches to adjust the paper guides. According to the size of the paper, you want to use to print documents, adjust the guide by sliding.

Step 4: – Network cable connection

Now, take an Ethernet cable and use it to add your printer to your home internet network.

Step 5: – Add power supply

Now, take out the power cable you have been provided with your printer. Use this to connect the printer with an AC power supply source.

Step 6: – Switch on your printer

Turn on the printer by pressing the power button and wait for the next 60 sec before proceeding further. While, if the printer gets connected to your wireless network, your network will recognize the printer. The printer will be assigned a hostname and IP address.

Step 7: – Control Panel Set UP and Software installation

Now, navigate the printer’s touch screen panel by swiping and scrolling your finger on it. And, configure all settings as per your preference. After that, install the software for your printer properly for an official source.

How to update the firmware of HP Color Laserjet pro-MFP M479 fdw?

Follow the steps below:-

1. The dark blue line that is at the top (the one that has a setting sign, Wi-Fi symbol as well as the drop of ink).

2. The menu has been updated. Click on Setup on the left side of the menu.

3.The menu for configuration will appear. Scroll down until you reach Printer Maintenance.

4. Click on Maintenance of Printers and then click Update the Printer.

5. Select Printer Update and then do not check.

6. If asked, press No whether you wish to turn on the Printer Updates.

7. forward, HP is not able to modify your firmware, and you’ll be able to use Cartridge People Own Brand cartridges without issues.

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My HP Color Laserjet pro-MFP M479 fdw printer is not printing. How to fix it? (Update)

Method 1: Let’s begin with the most obvious and easy things first.

1.) Check to see if you’re sure that your HP printer is able to hold enough paper in its tray for paper. If there is paper, ensure that nothing is jammed or stuck in the paper feeder. If it is, check with the manufacturer for the best method of removing the paper, as you don’t want to damage the motor’s internal structure or the paper feeder.

2.) Are your inks or toner running out? Check the manual for your printer to determine the ink levels and toner levels of your particular printer. The latest HP printers are able to display the levels of ink, or indicate that there’s an issue with the ink on the front panel of the HP printer.

If you require your HP printer fixed, you’ll be required to contact HP directly through customer service.

Method 2: Remove the print jobs that are stalled for HP Printer HP Printer

This one is more complex, but not so sophisticated that you shouldn’t test it. In the course of the use of the HP printer, the print jobs you submit into it to print could be stuck in the queue for printing.

If the task in question remains in the print queue, it will stop any other printing processes from taking place for your HP printer. In this situation cleaning the print queue of all jobs could help in getting newer print jobs to be processed in a timely manner. Let’s begin!

1. Open the Windows Control Panel and select “Devices and Printers”The control panel can be accessed by entering “Control Panel” in the search bar of Windows 10 or in older versions of Windows, press the Window Logo key along with the “R” button on the keyboard simultaneously to launch the Run dialog. In the dialog, you can type “control” and press enter. This will open the Control Panel in most Windows operating systems.

2. Look for your HP printer within the list of printers and make sure it’s the one you are having problems with. Right click on the printer and choose “See the print output” from the drop-down list.

3. Once the new page is open, you can click to open the “Printer” option at the top right-hand corner. Select “Open in Administrator mode” from the drop-down menu.

4. Click your “Printer” menu item at the upper right and click “Cancel all documents”. A confirmation dialog will appear and you’ll have to confirm that you wish to delete all the documents from the queue for printing by choosing “Yes”Try printing over that HP printer to determine whether the issue was there. If it didn’t work, take the next step.

Method 3:Have you sent your printing jobs to the wrong printer? Let’s check!

Typically, when you make an order for printing, Windows will then send the print job to what’s known as “the default” printer. If your printer appears to be connected but there is no printing, it could be due to the HP Printer is not set to default in Windows.

All your printing requests don’t go to your printer, but rather to a blank space with no return. Check that out and ensure that you’re HP is set to default Printer.

1. Open the Windows Control Panel and select “Devices and Printers”The control panel can be found by entering “Control Panel” in the search bar of Windows 10 or in older versions of Windows, press the Windows logo button along with the “R” button on the keyboard simultaneously to launch the Run dialog. In the dialog, you can type “control” and press enter. This will open the Control Panel in most Windows operating systems.

2. Locate your HP printer within the list of printers and make sure it’s the one you’re experiencing issues with. Right-click that printer and choose “Set as the default Printer” by selecting the drop-down list. If you see an opportunity to confirm your selection, please ensure that you select “Yes”.

You’ll now see an attractive small checked mark in green beneath an icon for your HP printer. This means it is currently the printer that is used as a default on Windows.

Method 4:- Do the light bulbs turn on? And are they connected?

It’s not a bad idea to inquire. There are a few really simple solutions to ensure you are able to print on your HP printer even if it fails to function or hasn’t worked in the past.

The first step is to check the connections cables that connect the power supply up to your HP Printer power plug. Check the cabling between your printer and the Windows PC it might be connected to. Is the USB cable securely in place at both ends?

When there’s a networking connection across the HP printer to enable HP network printing, make sure that the Ethernet cable is secure and read the manual to determine whether lights are flashing to indicate the presence of a network connection.

Are there any lights on in front of the HP printer? If not, and the printer isn’t appearing to be operating then try disconnecting it and reconnecting it. Make sure to press the power-on button on the printer’s side. If the light doesn’t appear, try a different power outlet at home in case the outlet is not working.

If you’re unable to solve the issue and your printer will not start, you may have to bring it to a repair center or call HP customer support for assistance with your hardware.

How to connect HP Color Laserjet pro-MFP M479 fdw to Wi-Fi through Auto Wireless connect?[2022]

HP Auto Wireless Connect is an advanced technology that lets users connect their device to your network instantly without needing to connect cables or enter any wireless network’s settings, such as the name of your network and password. Numerous newer HP printers will be equipped with this feature during the standard software installation.

To make use of this option, download the software on your printer and follow the instructions on the screen. When asked, select “Cold” and then the “Network (Ethernet/Wireless)” connectivity type, and then select “Yes I want to send your wireless preferences to my printer (recommended)”. That’s it! Your HP software will take care of all the rest.

Some computers or network configurations work to work with HP Auto Wireless Connect. In these situations, there is an alternative wireless setup method will be provided. In order to be compatible with HP Auto Wireless Connect, the following requirements have to be met:

1. Your computer is running Windows Vista (and newer) and Mac OS X 10.5 (and later).).

2. Your computer is connected via an internet connection to connect to your network. The operating system is in charge of the adapter’s wireless connection to ensure you can ensure that HP Software can retrieve the current settings for your network on your computer.

3. The computer you are using is linked to the network using 2.4GHz. Note: HP Printers are not compatible with 5.0 frequency networks. It is possible to connect your printer to the network using different setup methods so you have a router that supports 2.4GHz (as the majority of them do).

4. Your computer is not using an IP address that is a static IP address.

5. Your printer is currently in HP Auto Wireless Connect mode. It will be operating in that mode for 2 hours after it has been turned on during installation, before being connected to the network. Tips: If your printer has been running for longer than two hours and the software hasn’t yet attempted to connect the printer to the wireless network,

you may reset the setting by selecting “Restore Network Settings,” or “Restore Network Settings” as well as the “Restore Network Defaults” option on the control panel of your printer. It is usually found in the Network menu, or by pressing an icon that indicates wireless (or button) and then clicking “Settings” or the gear icon. Consult the printer’s documentation for more information about this.

Other factors, both technical and environmental, can also impact the availability of HP Auto Wireless Connect is available.
In the event that HP Auto Wireless Connect is included during the installation process on your printer, it’s the preferred method of setup. A part of the setup procedure will require your computer to briefly disconnect from the wireless network. In this period,

you will be without Internet access. It is important to save any online files and/or downloads before proceeding using this method of setting up. When HP Auto Wireless Connect is not available during the installation of the software or if it’s not working it will guide you to choose a different wireless setup method.

How to connect HP Color Laserjet pro-MFP M479 fdw to Wi-Fi through Wireless Setup Wizard? {tips}

There is a Wireless Setup Wizard that runs from the control panel of your printer. (Not accessible for printers with a touchscreen display)

1. Be sure to know the name of your network and the security code (WEP, WPA, or WPA2).

2. In the control panel of the printer Go to the Network menu or click on the wireless icon to navigate to the settings. Choose Wireless Setup Wizard. It displays the Wireless Setup Wizard displays a list of wireless networks within the vicinity.

3. NOTE: Settings may be accessed by touching the wrench icon, based on the model of the product.

4. Choose the name of your wireless network on the left.

5. If you can’t find your wireless network in the list then you can type in your network’s name manually by scrolling down to the end of the page. If you type the name manually, it must be precise that it includes upper and lower capital letters.

6. Enter your WEP password as well as your WPA passphrase. It is essential to enter the key or passphrase precisely including lower- and upper-case characters. The printer must be connected to your network wirelessly. If it doesn’t connect then you will be given the chance to print a Wireless Network Test report that can help you figure out the reason why it isn’t working.

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