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In this article, we have got ahead with the Review of the HP ENVY Inspire 7955e Printer. We have incorporated every minor and major detail of this printer in this article. This write-up is informing its reader of the design, specifications, features, print quality, and performance of the HP ENVY Inspire 7955e printer. In the last, we have also given our final conclusion about this printer. In case, you will be still left with any unanswered questions, you can ask them from our technical experts through the  Chat box or  Gmail provided on this website.

The HP Envy Inspire is an all-in-one printer that deserves an appearance on our top all-in-one printers and is a contender as one of the top photo printers.

As this is a multi-purpose printer, it is capable of printing in color or black and also printing photos. You can also get a scanner as well as a copier and fax machine that are all integrated into this printer.

It’s not the cheapest option available in the market, nor the most compact, at 18 inches and 18 pounds however, what it is lacking in terms of space makes up for the speed of printing and high quality. It’s not the top choice in any specific thing however, it’s a decent choice overall – ideal for home offices or a family printer.


1. HP’s Inspire the 7955e comes with an all-in-one which comes with the flatbed scanner as well as an ADF. This means that it’s simple to scan various media from old photos to piles of crucial documents. It prints quickly since it costs a reasonable amount per print and helps keep your ink costs under control when you print frequently, but costs can increase quickly if you print regularly. The printer prints good-looking images with great detail and good contrast, but it manages poor contrast in some situations, and colors appear to be a bit off. However, it’s difficult to access the rollers when there is jammed paper and you’ll need to change the cartridges frequently because the printer prints only a couple of pages before it run out of ink.

2. It’s the HP ENVY Inspire 7955e’s cartridge system isn’t great for printing page yields, and you’ll need to change the cartridges regularly in case you print regularly. It’s fortunately, it’s compatible with the HP 64XL tri-color and black cartridges. This is still a good choice for casual or occasional usage.

3. When you set up your printer, you’ll have the option to set up HP+, which gives you a complimentary six-month membership to the HP Instant Ink service. This subscription provides you with new cartridges every time it detects that ink is depleted but your printer can only use HP cartridges during the time of use. The printer will accept remanufactured third-party cartridges, however, making use of them could cause the warranty to be voided.

4. Its HP the 7955e printing machine prints with a moderate speed. It’s fast enough to print lengthy research papers done within a few minutes. It takes a bit longer to get your paper printed after it has been inactive for a few days and you may need to wait for sheets to appear.

5.  HP ENVY 7955e’s cost-per-print rate isn’t too bad, typical of inkjets that use cartridges within the same price range. It is possible to spend a lot on cartridges that need replacement when you frequently require large print jobs. This printer has HP+ enabled and comes with a six-month free subscription for HP Instant Ink. HP Instant Ink service. The subscription provides you with ink every time the printer notices that the ink cartridges are low.


 Build and Design

  • Two input trays one cassette with 125 sheets and a 15-sheet tray for photo paper which can accommodate 5 x 4-inch, 5 x 5-inch, 6 and x 7-inch sizes. Sizes that are custom-designed cannot be accommodated with the paper tray that holds photos however panoramic papers can be brought through in the input tray. The output tray is able to hold more than 60 sheets. The ADF can hold as many as 35 sheets.
  • The 2.7-inch touchscreen in color can be useful for stand-alone operations. I was impressed by the responsiveness of my inputs as well as swiping through menus. It’s too small, however. The comparable Canon Pixma TS8320 has a 4.3-inch touchscreen in color. To operate the printer using a computer or mobile smartphone, HP offers the previously mentioned HP Smart app. There aren’t any slots for media cards as well as USB direct ports to connect the thumb drive.

Specifications and Features

  • HP 7955e offers an impressive array of scanner functions. Its flatbed allows you to scan old or unusually sizeable media such as family photos or customized cutouts. Its ADF is ideal for scanning documents of multiple pages without a lot of hassle. It is also possible to utilize HP Smart, the HP Smart app to save the scanned files in searchable PDFs that allow you to look up the text on your computer instead of scouring through the pages by yourself.
  • If you have to scan more thick media, just the rightmost hinge of the scanner lid rises in a noticeable way, increasing by around 0.63″ (16 millimeters). If you own an object such as a spiral notebook, it is possible to place the larger spiral-shaped side on the right side of the scanner to get the best-looking scan.
  • It’s the HP ENVY Inspire 7955e has an impressive display screen. It’s similar to HP OfficeJet Pro 8025’s display that has touchscreen buttons to access the Back, Home, and Help menus, and an ample screen that’s simple to use. Additionally, the interface is straightforward and simple to comprehend. The settings menu is incredibly slow and, since this screen’s display isn’t nearly as bright as the screen on the 825 models, it’s hard to read at arm’s length sitting on the desk.
  • The HP ENVY 7955e printer needs the installation of drivers manually by using HP Smart. HP Smart app if you intend to print and scan with Windows. There is no need to install drivers manually to use macOS as well as Chrome OS. It is also possible to utilize HP Smart, the HP Smart app on Chrome OS to access all of the functions in one location.
  • Its HP 7955e printer works with the HP Smart mobile app. You can view the estimated levels of paper and ink and manage the status of your HP Instant Ink subscription. Print scan, scan, or create copies with your smartphone’s camera and send mobile calls and faxes (although this requires membership to HP Smart Advance service). Additional features include printing using HP’s templates like calendars, crafts, and arts for kids, as well as the possibility of printing double-sided images on matte, two-sided paper to print postcards like postcards.

Additionally, you can access “My Photo Book,” an “My Photos Book” application that allows you to make personalized photo books which to buy online and then have them delivered directly to you. It is also possible to utilize the app to access other accounts that you can print documents from, such as Dropbox, Google Photos, Evernote as well as Facebook for iOS. On Android there is only Facebook is accessible.

Pros: –Cons: –
Speedy copy and print speedsInk costs can be expensive even without a subscription
High image qualityScanning speeds are slow
Duplexer for prints with two sidesThe Network, as well as the iOS configuration, was a challenge
35-sheet document feederScanning requires an internet connection
Tray for the input of photo paper (15 sheets capacity)ADF lid hinges are free of resistance
 Starter cartridges run out quickly

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This HP ENVY Inspire 7955e is acceptable for everyday household and home use. It features a flatbed scanner and an ADF that allows you to quickly scan various media and print decent-looking, high-quality images. The colors are quite different and it has a difficult time printing realistic-looking images. Although the price per print is reasonable, the cost of replacement cartridges could quickly add when you print many. In our opinion, it is a good choice for home and office uses.

If you have more queries regarding the HP ENVY Inspire 7955e printer, take the help of our technical experts through the  chat box or Gmail provided on this website.

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