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In this review, we’ve tried to give a genuine analysis of the HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w. The review will provide short notes about the features of the printer, its specifications, features, and cost for this model. Additionally, you will be able to make your buying decision after reading this article’s Pros and Cons section.

Its HP Neverstop Laser 1202nw is an innovative printer. Lasers normally use massive cartridges to store their toner. These printers will print a lot of pages but are expensive to replace and hard to recycle. This HP Neverstop Laser 1202nw changes the way it stores its toner in the tank. The toner is then replenished using plastic bottles, similar to tanks-based inkjet printers.

It’s not bringing the price of printing like inkjets, but anyone seeking mono-printing that is laser-quality and speed, without the cost and hassle associated with cartridges for toner, ought to take this alternative with tanks into the time of day.

The most authentic review of HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w

It’s a multi-function device, with an integrated scanner. So, it can print at the maximal resolution of 600×600 dpi it is able to make copies and scan them to your computer as well as other devices with resolutions of up to 600 pixels.

It’s missing some essential capabilities, but one of them is duplex printing that can be done on both sides. It can only scan at 600dpi, and the integrated control panel for printing is basic, with one copy button as well as the 1.8in screen with an LCD.

The Neverstop’s 150-sheet input paper “tray” is a bit of an anomaly. Instead of letting it slide out, as is the case with many laser printers you simply clip off the cover and place your paper into a hole at the bottom. It’s not the most convenient method and the cover can be quite difficult to replace.

When you take the box out When you take it out, you’ll find that the HP Neverstop Laser 1202nw comes with enough ink to make 5000 monoprints in A4 format. It’s surprisingly tiny and light for a laser printer, measuring only 287 x 381x 293mm and weighing 8.8kg.

It’s, naturally the innovative cartridge-free design that distinguishes HP’s Neverstop printers apart, and it is extremely well-designed. In contrast to inkjet inks, toner is a granule and is much more difficult to work with and that’s probably the reason we have been waiting for so long longer for a laser cartridge-free solution to be available.

To keep the toner in check, HP has come up with an injection method that puts the powder directly into the tank with no risk that it will spill. The reload kit appears like a syringe that is inserted into an opening behind a flap at the top. If you turn this device, it opens an additional flap inside and lets you depress the plunger, filling the reservoir. There’s still an empty delivery system to discard however, it’s much smaller and less expensive than a cartridge for toner, which has circuitry, as well as many difficult-to-recycle materials. This is a major environmental win.

It does come with the Ethernet port, however, it’s not the typical USB and Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, there’s a USB port in the front of the device that could be utilized to print files directly from the USB thumb drive.

Specifications and Features of HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w

The speed of printing is stated at 20 or 21ppm, based on the piece or piece of HP literature you’re reading. Whatever the case, it’s pretty unreliable for a laser in reality. The resolution of the print of 600x600dpi which is exactly the same as the resolution of the scanner and is the standard figure for all printers. In comparison, the Epson’s scan and print resolution are 1,200×2,400dpi.

It includes flatbed scanners and Wi-Fi connectivity that the other two models don’t have. In addition, it’s a pretty basic device with monochrome single-sided printing and scanning capabilities, but not much other than that.

The device doesn’t come with a front USB port, nor an ADF (automatic document feed) for instance. It comes with an LCD display that displays the basics of information but is more than the size of a postage stamp. Fortunately, the Android/iOS/macOS/Windows companion app, called HP Smart, almost does away with the need for a display by providing a much better user interface on your computer or smartphone.

The paper input tray is an unsatisfactory capacity of 150 sheets, and will only accept envelopes one at a. It also can accept parcel labels and heavy papers (up to 120gsm) in addition to simple A4 sheets. The output tray can accommodate 100 sheets.


HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w is a slim design that occupies the least space possible. There’s enough room for the printer for up to 150 pieces of regular paper that are actually projected onto the side of the machine. They are protected by a part of the plastic. This is a unique approach to printing however it allows printing to become less slender than the other printers.

Printers for inkjets that have refillable tanks are typically quite large and bulky because the tanks are usually just bolted to the side of the printer. But HP’s Neverstop printers appear similar to conventional lasers. The models all have the same design and style with dimensions of 394mm in width and 294mm in depth. Single-function models are at 211mm and the scanner that is atop the multifunction models raises the height by 287mm. They’re all extremely compact, but they’ll fit at a comfortable table or shelf in the vicinity and not take up much room when you work from your home.

A single tray for input can hold one sheet of paper in A4 size which is enough for the majority of small offices and home use. Additionally, the Neverstop is recommended to print a monthly maximum output of 2,500 sheets. It’s not among the most versatile of printers, however. It prints on envelopes and other kinds of paper however it doesn’t have a manual feeder available for envelopes. You’ll have clear the primary tray every time you need to print on various media. It doesn’t support an auto-duplex (two-sided printing) as well, though HP’s driver software can support manual duplex, which is useful for occasional usage. There is also no auto document feeder (ADF) to transfer large-sized documents directly to the scanner.

Pros Cons By HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w

Pros  Cons
A refill kit to fill tonerAbsence of an automatic document feeder
High yield of page volumeThe LCD panel is quite small
Affordable Price RangeImage print quality and graphics are not good enough
Toner bottles cost you cheaper Low resolution for printing and scanning
Humidity and altitude adjustment features  Absence of two-sided printing feature.
Higher print qualitySlower printing speed
Very running cost   Slower printing over Wi-Fi


 HP Neverstop Laser 1202nw is an excellent value for money, but it’s not a good choice as it’s expensive to purchase. At a similar cost, you could buy an excellent laser printer that is color, like HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw. HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw but you’ll lose the scanning and copying capabilities of the Neverstop.

HP’s lack of enthusiasm in “tank” printing in recent times was disappointing, but the launch of the Neverstop laser line is a real breakthrough that could result in real savings for those who work from the comfort of their homes or working in smaller offices. There’s still room for improvement since these Neverstop lasers aren’t the best well-equipped printers available to office users. But many who work at home would appreciate an efficient and affordable printing option like this.

It’s an excellent option for someone who would like a large selection of black prints quickly. The 5,000 prints you’ll receive from the box will keep most homes or offices printing for a long time and in terms of refilling, it’s an easy bottle-based method. If you’re in need of laser speed and sharpness without paying costs for lasers The Neverstop is a great option.

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