Smadav Antivirus Rev. 14.7 |14.6| troubleshooting | 2022

smadav antivirus

Amidst increasing cyber threats and data breaching, Smadav has come as the savior of PC and Laptop users. Smadav has been developed as a cure for the most complex class of viruses to date.

As of late six years prior, PC infections were viewed as a metropolitan legend by a larger number of people. Prior just a modest bunch of infections had been composed and contamination was generally unprecedented. But as technology has advanced, the more powerful and threatening virus has also made their presence on the internet.

Smadav Anti-infection primarily works as additional assurance for your computer system. It is mainly used as complete security for USB Flash Drive. So, the software does not provide all-out security.

4 Highlighting functionalities of Smadav Antivirus for Windows [2022]:

1. Smadav Antivirus programming works with extra insurance for your framework, generally viable with other antivirus items.

2. Its main strength is USB Flash disk protection

3. It occupies a very small fraction of your computer resources.

4. Cleaner and numerous tools for virus cleaning.

Overview of the latest version of Smadav Antivirus software (2022):

There are various updates in the new version of the software. Such as:

  • There is a new database to detect 35000 new viruses.
  • It has fixed previous bugs and wrong detections.
  • There is an addition of the auto sample submission feature.
  • The addition of better AI features increases the chance of detection of newly created viruses.

Smadav Pro vs Smadav Free-2022:

  • With the Smadav Free version, you will get to see Pop up of “Go to Pro” at every startup.
  •  Conceal offer message on startup, Tools Section in App.
  •  Additional (Protect) Settings in App.
  •  Exception List, changing topic tones, Admin Password.
  •  And permission to use in business, association, and organization.

Four highlighting functionalities of Smadav|2022|:

1) It adds additional protection to your computer system and is also compatible to run together with other antivirus products.

Other antivirus does not work simultaneously with other virus protection software. It is mainly because they are developed for the main protection. But, Smadav does not work in this way. It is designed to work as a second layer of protection of the system. That’s why it is compatible with other virus protection software.

2) USB Flash disk protection

USB Flash disk is one of the most involved media for infection spread. Smadav utilizes its innovation to stay away from infection spread and disease from USB Flash plate. Smadav can distinguish a portion of the new obscure infections in USB regardless of whether the infection isn’t in the data set. For security, however Smadav can likewise attempt to assist you with cleaning the USB Flash circle from the infection and reestablish stowed away/tainted records in the USB Flash disk.

3) Low resource Antivirus

Smadav has an edge over other Antivirus software due to its low usage of the internet and under 10 MB small installer size. And furthermore, Smadav just uses a little part of your PC assets. Smadav more often than not just uses little memory and little CPU use. With this little asset utilization, Smadav won’t intensely sluggish your PC. Also, you can in any case introduce another antivirus close by Smadav to safeguard your PC.

4) It has a cleaner and latest tool to clean viruses:

Smadav finds out the viruses that have already entered into the system and then eliminates them. Many tools are included in Smadav Pro to fight all kinds of computer viruses. Provided tools are:

  • One-Virus By-User: This tool manually searches and adds your suspect file stored in your computer for the virus cleaning.
  • Process Manager: It manages all the processes and programs run on your computer system.
  • System editor: It is used to fixed those system options that are generally changed by intruding viruses.
  • Win-Force: It is used to force open some system management programs in Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions With Answer {2022}

How does Smadav work?

Smadav finds out the viruses that have already entered into the system and then eliminates them. It cleans your USB flash drive completely to the core and also corrects the registry change done by viruses.

How to delete the malicious exe file by using Smadav antivirus software?

  • Download the Smadav antivirus software from its official website and install it appropriately.
  • Now, open this antivirus software
  • Right-click on the scanner
  • After that, select your C and D Drive.
  • Now, go to the scan button and click on it
  • Scanning for the suspected file will start
  • After the scanning will get complete, the antivirus software will display the number of all detected viruses.
  • Click on the Fix button to delete all the infected files.
  • After the deletion of all the infected files, reboot your system.
  • Your system is now free from viruses.

How to stop Smadav from popping up (2022)?

The Pop-ups come with only a Free version of the software. To get rid of these pop-ups you have to go for the Pro version of the software.

How to install Antivirus in window laptop step by step 2022?

  • Open your browser
  • Type the “” in your search bar
  • Now read the instruction given on the website carefully
  • Download that version of the software which would be compatible with your computer system and window version.
  • Now open the downloaded exe file. A new window will pop up, then click on Run to install it.
  • Next you will have to select your preferred language. Select your preferred language and after that click on the Next Button.
  • Now keep clicking the Next button till the installation gets started.
  • Wait till the installation gets completed.
  • Now, you can launch your Smadav Antivirus Software.

How to register Smadav Antivirus software [2022]?

  • Launch Smadav software on your pc.
  • Click on the Settings Icon.
  • Go to the section under the ‘Smadav pro registration’
  • Here you will have to enter the name and key you got while purchasing the pro version of the Smadav software.
  • Enter the name and the required key number.
  • Now, click on the register.
  • Now, the Pro version of Smadav is activated.
  • Registration for the Pro version of the Software is finished.
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How to update Smadav software on a laptop-2022?

  • Open your Smadav software and go to the protect tab.
  • After that, you will see a box labeled as ‘Check for Update’.
  •  Click on this box, then a new tab named ‘update Smadav’ will pop up.
  •  Here, you will see a box named ‘Download New Version’ at the bottom of the tab.
  • Click on this box. Now a new tab will be prompted to you which will show the download progress of your updates.
  • Wait till the download is get completed. Now your updating process is complete.

What are new updates of Smadav Antivirus software?

There are various updates in the new version of the software. Such as:

  • There is a new database to detect 35000 new viruses.
  • It has fixed old program bugs and wrong detections.
  • There is an addition of the auto sample submission feature.
  • Addition of better AI features to increase the chance of detection of newly created viruses.

Is Smadav the best Antivirus software for Windows |2022|?

Yes, it is one of the best antiviruses for windows. Due to its ability to run simultaneously with other Antivirus software, it has an advantage over other such software. Its unique AI feature makes it an advanced virus and malware detector.

How to install Smadav antivirus Software from a computer system *2022*?

  • Take your cursor to the taskbar at the bottom of your computer desktop.
  • Thean Hit on the “start” or at the logo of the Window
  • Now, go to the control panel, and open it for further process.
  • Now look where is an icon of Add or Remove Programs.
  • Thereafter click on it.
  • Now click on the Smadav Antivirus icon then an option of “Remove/Uninstall” will pop up.
  • Click on the “Remove/Uninstall.
  • Now click on the Yes button to initiate the Uninstalling process.
  • Now, the uninstallation process will start.
  • After completion of uninstallation, your system is clean from this antivirus software

What is the installation process of Smadav Antivirus Software on Windows 10 [2022]?

  • Go to the Search bar of your favorite browser.
  • Now type “install Smadav antivirus software” in the search bar.
  • Now go to any trusted source to download the Smadav antivirus software.
  • Check if any download instructions are given or not on the website.
  • Now try to download the software version that is compatible with Windows10.
  • After the download process gets finished, click on the ‘.exe’ file twice.
  • Now keep following all the instructions that will appear until your installation is complete.
  • Now, you can see the icon of Smadav antivirus software on the desktop.


Smadav is the Software for PC. It has found its exceptional way. It has excelled in finding and removing infected files. Virus decontaminates devices that incapacitate the PC.

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