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Through this article, we are providing various measures to take when your Zoom app does not respond. Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user, this article is going to be helpful for you. Even those who cannot access their zoom meeting through an android phone can fix this issue after reading this.

Zoom’s inability to respond right during a video conference can disrupt the flow, and momentum and make a bad impression.

Since we started working remotely, Zoom has been synonymous with the office. This is the best place to host any work-related meeting or interact with remote clients.

Zoom can sometimes behave like any other app. Zoom can sometimes cause problems that make it difficult to attend important meetings with clients.

Check these 3 cases before looking for any fixes

Case 1: – Check if the camera or audio is used by another app or not

Zoom won’t be able to use your device’s microphone and camera if there is another video conferencing app running in the background. You can quit any of these apps and restart Zoom. You should now be all set.

Case 2: – Check if there is any problem from the zoom’s server-side

If you are using the latest version and have stable internet access but still facing this issue, then it’s might be due to an error from zoom’s server-side.

Zoom’s Server Status page can be used to verify that the server is working normally. You should wait until Zoom returns to normal if you notice any maintenance or similar issues.

Case 3: – Check if there are any internet issues

Very slow internet speed or no internet availability could be the reason for this issue. So first check your internet connection. If your Internet connection is okay then do an internet speed test.

Here are a few methods to fix Zoom’s not responding problem in windows10


Step 1 Press the Windows key and type Task Manager into Windows Search. Then press Enter to open Task Manager.

Step 2 You will find all background and running apps under the Processes menu.

Step 3  Identify the Zoom apps you are interested in and click the End Task button.

Close the Task Manager app and restart your computer to try Zoom again.

2. Clear your device Cache

Windows OS collects app cache to speed up app launch. These cache files can become corrupted over time or so large that they interfere with app functions.

You should remove cache files from Windows 10 if you use the Zoom app frequently. This could cause Zoom to stop responding to your computer.

Follow the steps below for how to clear the cache from the Zoom app on Windows.

Step 1 Use the Windows key to search for Disk Cleanup.

Step 2 Enter to open the app.

Step 3 – Choose C: drive from this list.

Step 4 – Select Temporary Internet Files and Temporary Cached Files from the List.

Step 5 Click to Clean up system files at the bottom.

Step 6 Click OK and you’re good to go.

3. Give zoom all the relevant permissions

To function correctly and as intended, the Zoom app for Windows 10 needs to have appropriate permissions like a Microphone and Camera.

These permissions are essential for Zoom. You should enable them if you have not done so. These are the steps.

Step 1: Open Windows 10’s Settings app using the Windows + I shortcut.

Step 2: Go to Privacy > App Permission.

Step 3: Turn on permission for desktop apps to access your camcorder.

Step 4: Select Microphone from the side menu.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom to enable Allow desktop applications to access your camera permission.

Step 6:  Allow apps to access the microphone toggle

Step 7: Scroll to the bottom to enable Allow desktop applications to access your microphone permission.

Here are a few methods to fix Zoom’s not responding problem on mac

Zoom doesn’t work on your Mac when you have a client meeting or office meeting. This can cause frustration and even financial loss. These solutions will solve most of the problems you have with Zoom on your Mac. Let’s start at the beginning and work our way up.

1. Force quit your Zoom app

To the left, click the Apple logo.

Select Force Quit.

Select zoom.us, and then click Force Quit.

After a few seconds, you can open the Zoom app again

2. Grant Zoom the necessary Permission

  • Zoom requires a microphone and camera to function properly and provide the best video conferencing experience. It is essential to make sure that the permissions are correct for the app.
  • Click the Apple logo at the top left, and then select System Preferences.
  • Click Security & Privacy. You must be in the Privacy tab.
  • Click the camera in the left sidebar to check that the zoom app has been checked. Click the lock in the bottom left and authenticate with Mac’s password.
  • Microphone – Zoom must be allowed to access the microphone on your Mac.
  • Click Files & Folders if you’re on macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur, and tick the box for Zoom. This will allow you to save files and make calls locally on your Mac.
  • Next, click screen recording to check Zoom. This allows you to share your Mac’s screen with Zoom calls.
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How to fix the “Zoom is not responding” error on Android?

 Users reported that Zoom crashes as soon as it is opened on Android devices. This is usually a bug in the app. However, it is possible that the firmware is not working properly and the apps crash.

You should spend some time troubleshooting your phone and zoom so that you can use it without problems. This is the point of this post. We will attempt to identify the cause of why Zoom crashes when it opens. Keep reading, we might be able to assist you.

Reset Zoom

It could be an issue with your app. Clearing its cache and data is the next step. This will restore Zoom to its original configuration and settings. This will fix the problem if it is an app issue. Here’s how to do it.

1. To open the app drawer, swipe up from the bottom screen.

2. Move to the screen where the Zoom app is displayed.

3. Tap and hold the icon until you see options.

4. Tap App info.

5. Tap Storage

6. Clear cache by pressing the “touch” button

7. Tap Clear data to confirm.

Open the app again after you have done this to check if it crashes. It is possible that you will need to log in again.

Start your phone

Zoom may crash for the first time, but it is likely a minor problem with the firmware or app. To refresh your phone’s memory and reload all apps, you need to first restart it. It’s much better to force restart your phone than do the normal reboot. Here’s how:

1. For 10 seconds, hold down the volume button and power keys. This will cause your device to turn off and power back on.

2.  Once the logo appears, release the keys and wait for the phone to reboot.

After the restart is complete, open Zoom to see if the launch fails immediately. Open the app again after you have done this to check if it crashes. It is possible that you will need to log in again.

Factory Reset your Phone

There may be an issue in your phone’s firmware that has affected certain apps. Zoom might crash because of this, but there may be other apps that crash without your knowledge.

The next step is to reset the phone. Before you do the reset, be sure to back up your data and files. They will all be deleted. Once you are ready, reset the phone and then create a new device.

Reinstall Zoom

If the app crashes after you reset it, then uninstall it first and then reinstall it again. You can then delete any cache or data files that might have been corrupted and reinstall them to ensure the most recent version. This is how it works:

1. To open the app drawer, swipe up from the bottom screen.

2. Move to the screen where the Zoom app is displayed.

3. Tap and hold the icon until you see options.

4. Tap Uninstall to confirm.

5. After the app has been successfully removed, you can launch the Play Store.

  • Look for “zoom” and tap the Zoom Cloud Meetings App.
  • Wait until the phone finishes installing the app by tapping Install.

After the app has been successfully installed, you can open it and log in. This should resolve most problems. If the app crashes again, you can try the next solution.


So, now you have got enough fixes to resolve the Zoom Not Responding error. Whether you are facing this issue on Windows, Mac, or Android, this blog is very helpful to resolve your problem. But, if you are still facing any issues, you can connect to us through our chatbox or email, given on our contact page.

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